MHS Athletic Hall of Fame

Menomonie High School Athletic Hall of Fame:

The Menomonie Athletic Booster club started the athletic hall of fame in 2015.  The objectives for starting a hall of fame include but are not limited to:

  1. To give deserved recognition to outstanding Menomonie high school athletes, coaches and supportive individuals of athletics.  

  2. To publicly celebrate MHS athletic tradition by recognizing outstanding accomplishments and service.

  3. To illustrate to current students and community members those individuals who have been instrumental in creating Menomonie High School’s athletic tradition.

  4. To promote continued interest in the Menomonie High School athletic programs via alumni and community members.

The athletic hall of fame recognizes individuals in three categories:  Athletes, Coaches and Distinguished Service to MHS athletics.  The hall of fame currently includes 22 individuals.  Individuals are recognized at the homecoming football game and a ceremony is held at Menomonie High School the next day.  The hall of fame committee is made up of five community members and the booster club president.  The Athletic Director helps the booster club facilitate the process.

MHS Athlete Nomination Form

MHS Coach Nomination Form