Alternative High School

Menomonie Alternative High School is a school of choice for at-promise/at-risk students in grades 10-12 and some adult learners. The mission of the Alternative High School is to empower students to be lifelong learners, caring individuals, and citizens who are responsible for their own behaviors.

Students have three (3) primary means of earning credits: traditional classes for credit; on line classes; and PASS individual programming. Students can also graduate through our GED Option 2 program (GEDO). Students who graduate through any of the alternative pathways we have will still be awarded a full Menomonie High School Diploma. Students also have the opportunity to transition back to a full traditional class load upon recovering enough credits to no longer qualify as at-risk. 

Students can participate in a work experience program and gain career awareness through the use of the Xello Program and visits to post-secondary schools.

It is the belief of those who believe in and support the Alternative High School that one of the first steps to becoming a Lifelong Learner, Caring Individual, and Responsible Citizen is to attend school regularly. Successfully completing the Alternative High School experience and attaining a high school diploma is the first step to becoming a responsible citizen who participates productively in the community in which they live.