Student Services

The purpose of the Student Services Department is to improve outcomes for all students by providing needed supports and reducing barriers to learning.   

Director of Student Services

Tonia Kowieski
Administrative Services Center
[email protected]

Student Services Clerical 
Nicki Buss
Special Education and Student Data
715-232-1642, X-11332

Marinella Lee
Enrollment and Free & Reduced Applications
715-232-1642, X-11331
[email protected]

Special Needs Scholarship Program 

This notice serves to inform parents and guardians of students with disabilities that the State of Wisconsin has established the “Special Needs Scholarship Program.” The Special Needs Scholarship Program (SNSP) allows a student with a disability, who meets certain eligibility requirements, to receive a state-funded scholarship to attend a private school that is located in Wisconsin and participating in the SNSP. The school receives a state aid payment for each eligible student. The SNSP website has a document comparing the rights of students with disabilities and their families under state and federal special education laws to their rights under the SNSP. The website also includes frequently asked questions and additional information about the SNSP. Student Eligibility: A student with a disability may be eligible to participate in the SNSP for the 21-22 school year if all of the following apply: 

1. IEP or Services Plan: The student has an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or services plan that meets program requirements. 

2. Wisconsin Resident: The student resides in Wisconsin. 

Additional information about the Special Needs Scholarship Program should be available on the website of the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.