Bully Free Zone

Efforts continue to stomp out bullying. Parents and students are encouraged to report any situation of disrespect and/or bullying to a teacher, counselor, or administrator.  Students may chose to print out, complete, and turn in the District Harassment Report Form, or they can complete and submit the Online Report Forms for each school.

By reporting an incident of bullying, students empower our trained teachers to assist with bully prevention.  It takes courage to stand up for yourself and/or others. We strive to provide a caring and welcoming learning environment for ALL. Please browse through the rest of Bully Free Zone section for additional information.


What is Bullying?

Bullying is a repeated written, verbal, physical, or sexual act that physically or emotionally harms, threatens, insults, or puts down another person or damages the person's property.


When Should I Make a Report?

How do you know that you should  make a report? Below is a list that may help you report an event when:

  • You feel that someone is threatening to beat you up in school, on school property, or on the bus

  • You have reason to suspect someone of taking something of yours without permission

  • You learn that someone is spreading rumors about you or your family

  • You have experienced someone embarassing you in front of others by calling you names, knocking books out of your hands, pulling chairs out from under you, etc

  • You hear that someone is telling other kids not to talk to you or to be friends with you


*Do not feel that you're limited to reporting just these examples. If someone is bothering you, Report It!*


Why Use the Report Forms?

  • To stop bullying on school property

  • Give students a way to feel safe when reporting an incident

  • Help the staff and the principals monitor bullying in the schools


Important Things to Remember Before Using Report Forms

  • Only report if you really need to do so
  • Please do not make up a report in order to try to get someone in trouble

  • First try to be assertive and stick up for yourself and if that does not work, report the incident
  • Tell them to "Please Stop!" first, if that does not work, report the incident