Time to Celebrate Student Success

Time to Celebrate Student Success
Posted on 06/03/2015

The community of the Menomonie Area School District can be very proud of the accomplishments of our students during the 2014-2015 school year. On Sunday, May 31, 2015, graduation was held in the new gymnasium at Menomonie High School, during which 261 graduates were presented diplomas by members of the SDMA Board of Education. In addition to entertaining speeches by the class president, valedictorian, and class representative, musical performances by the orchestra and choir showcased some of the impressive talent that is regularly displayed in our schools. 

The graduation ceremony included a moving tribute to former teacher and late alumnus Nathan Bauer, a presentation of awards from the MHS Alumni Foundation, and some impressive decorations from the parents of this year’s graduates. Like so many other encouraging examples in our school district, this year’s graduation ceremony was an extremely successful experience due to the wonderful collaboration between our staff, students, parents, and community members.

During my commencement address to the Class of 2015, I shared my perception of how our community prioritizes our children and how we look at the youth of the Menomonie Area as our hope for a better tomorrow. I suggested to the graduates that,

“The community served by the Menomonie Area School District has committed vast resources to help you get to where you are sitting today. The residents of our school district have ensured that you have received the instruction, materials, equipment, and environment to prepare you for your next step. Your teachers and coaches have challenged you, encouraged you, helped you, and, in some cases, even disciplined you, in a sincere effort to prepare you for your future. Whether it is going on to higher education or entering the workforce, your parents, guardians, neighbors, and friends have supported you along your journey. We now wish you well on your way.”

Graduation is one of many year-end programs celebrating student success in our school district. Students in all of our buildings have accomplished tremendous growth in academics, behavior, co-curricular activities, and athletics. In addition to various banquets, ceremonies, and parties, students have been taking field trips, utilizing our school district’s environmental site, and even visiting Wakanda Waterpark. Now is a wonderful time to be a child in the Menomonie Area School District. Not only should our children celebrate the wonderful successes of the 2014-2015 school year, but so should our staff, parents, and community members. We are all in this together!

Should school stakeholders have any questions about the 2014-2015 school year, or anything else in our school district, I invite you to visit the Administrative Service Center on Pine Avenue or contact me at 715-232-1642. More information about our schools can be found on the school district website (www.sdmaonline.com) and on Twitter (www.twitter.com/sdmaonline).