Recognizing Excellence in Menomonie

Recognizing Excellence in Menomonie
Posted on 02/02/2017

The School District of the Menomonie Area has a long and proud history that includes a tremendous amount of success by Menomonie High School graduates in a wide variety of areas such as academics, athletics, business, music, the fine arts, etc. Like other schools in the Big Rivers Conference, Menomonie High School has taken steps to honor the alumni and staff members who have exemplified success in achieving the school district’s mission and vision.

In 2010, the Menomonie High School Distinguished Alumni Award was established to honor graduates from MHS who have attained success in their chosen profession, have been actively influential in their community, had outstanding achievements, or have made significant contributions to society following graduation from high school. The award was also designed to recognize graduates of Menomonie High School who are positive role models for currently enrolled students. The award recognizes alumni that exemplify the school district’s mission of becoming a “lifelong learner, caring individual, and responsible citizen.” Nominations are sent to any high school administrator, and the three high school principals make the selection and award the honor annually during graduation. There are currently seven individuals who have received the MHS Distinguished Alumni award.

The MHS Athletic Hall of Fame was established by the Menomonie Athletic Booster Club in 2015. According to the school district’s website, objectives for starting a hall of fame included, but were not limited to, giving deserved recognition to outstanding Menomonie High School athletes, coaches, and supportive individuals of athletics; publicly celebrating MHS athletic tradition by recognizing outstanding accomplishments and service; illustrating to current students and community members those individuals who have been instrumental in creating Menomonie High School’s athletic tradition; and promoting continued interest in Menomonie High School’s athletic programs via alumni and community members.

The athletic hall of fame recognizes individuals in three categories: Athletes, Coaches, and Others with Distinguished Service to MHS Athletics. The hall of fame currently includes 22 individuals.  Individuals are recognized at the homecoming football game and a ceremony is held at Menomonie High School the next day. The hall of fame committee is made up of five community members and the booster club president, with the MHS Athletic Director helping to facilitate the process.

Anytime awards like these are given, an organization runs the risk of leaving someone out or hurting someone’s feelings. The good intention of having these awards is to simply recognize some of the wonderful people from our school district and community who have experienced some terrific accomplishments. Certainly, these awards are meant to be inclusive of all areas, and school district leaders encourage community members to help with the nomination process.

Should anyone with knowledge of the School District of the Menomonie Area like to nominate someone for the Distinguished Alumni or Athletic Hall of Fame awards, please visit the school district website to access the proper forms.

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