In-District Transfer Request

In-District Transfer Request                     

In-District Transfer is a process that allows students to request attendance at a school, within the Menomonie District, other than their neighborhood boundary school. Please complete the In-District Transfer form below. It is subject to approval and may be denied. 
If your In-District Transfer was accepted the previous school year, you are NOT required to complete an application again, unless you are requesting a different elementary school.


**Applications received on or before May 19th will be reviewed the week of May 22.  

**Applications received after May19th will be reviewed the first week of August. 

In accepting this request, you are making a commitment to transport your child(ren) for the entire school year. If you are no longer able to provide transportation, your child(ren) will need to return to their home school. If your In-District Transfer request was accepted the previous school year, we will continue to honor your request. You do not need to reapply each school year, approvals for in-district transfer requests are re-evaluated by elementary school principals annually.

You may be asked to return to your boundary area school if class sizes exceed class size limited as noted in board policy 343.1 Class Size and Combined and Split Grades.
If you have any questions, please contact:
Nella Lee at 715-232-1642 ext. 11331