Family Services

A Reminder to all Parents and Students:
When looking at grades, please be advised that the average grade may not accurately reflect achievement, but is used for communication purposes only. Grades will change as more assessments are given.

Online Family Access is now available for all families in the district. Grades 6-12 students will be receiving their own login username/password when school begins. Please do NOT share your parent login with them for security purposes.

From Online Family Access you can:
• Enter your personal email for communication with teachers
• Change your password
• View Student demographic informaiton (name, address, phones, etc.)
• View Emergency/Health information
• View Food service balances (payer only)
• View Student attendance
• View Scheduling
• View Online Gradebook/Grading (HS/MS)
Parents/guardians can expect the online gradebook to be updated regularly, but not daily. Midterm and end of term are definite deadlines.


If you have questions, please contact the school office or:
Student Demographic Info Nicki Buss, Student Services (715)232-1642 x11332
Student Health/Emergency Information Ramie McMahon, School Nurse (715)232-1642 x41104
Food Service Payments/Charges Julie Neubrand, Food Service (715)232-2609 x42124
Food Service
Michelle Kloser, Director
(715)232-2609 x11064
High School Attendance Martha Peabody, Secretary (715)232-2606 x41001
Middle School Attendance Kelly Steinmeyer, Secretary (715)232-1673 x30100
Online Access Parent Login Information Morgan Seguin, Technology Services
(715)232-1816 x11142