Health Services

The goal of school health services is to promote safety and remove or reduce barriers to learning. We know that students who are healthy learn more and students who learn more are healthier. We wish all students to have a healthy and rewarding educational experience!

Student Health Services Coordinator: Ramie McMahon, RN, BSN 

Phone: 715-440-0213
Student Health Registered Nurse: Brittany Engel, RN, BSN
Phone: 715-619-0822

Illness Exclusion Information:

*Students that ONLY have the symptom of a fever (100 degrees Fahrenheit or greater) must be excluded from school until the student is fever free - without the use of fever-reducing medication - for 24 hours before returning to school*
*Students that ONLY have the symptom of vomiting must be excluded from school at least 24 hours after the last episode of vomiting*
*Students that ONLY have the symptom of diarrhea must be excluded from school at least 24 hours after the last episode of diarrhea*
Follow all other school exclusion criteria below:


Students with the following symptoms below should also be excluded from school and a healthcare provider contacted (a note from healthcare provider may be required to return to school):
*Any rash that is open, draining, or itchy *Any open or draining sores *Inflamed or draining eyes or ears *Students diagnosed with only strep throat, impetigo, purulent pink eye - may return 24 hours after start of treatment with antibiotic
*Follow all other exclusion criteria in Wisconsin Childhood Communicable Diseases Chart
Covid-19 Informational Resources: Dunn County Health Department

Wisconsin Department of Health Services

Centers for Disease Control