Proficiency Levels

ELL Students are assessed annually to determine their English Language Proficiency level.  These language levels definitions are:

  [PI 13.07(1)-(5), Wis. Admin. Rule ]
Level 1 – Beginning/Preproduction:
does not understand or speak English with the exception of a few
isolated words or expressions.   

Level 2 – Beginning/Production:
understands and speaks conversational and academic English with
hesitancy and difficulty.  understands parts of lessons and simple directions,
significantly below grade level.

Level 3 – Intermediate:
understands and speaks conversational and academic English with
decreasing hesitancy and difficulty, developing reading comprehension and writing
skills in English, can demonstrate academic knowledge in content areas with assistance.

Level 4 – Advanced Intermediate:
understands and speaks conversational English without apparent difficulty, but understands and speaks academic English with some hesitancy, continues to acquire reading and writing skills in content areas needed to achieve grade level expectations with assistance.

Level 5 – Advanced:
understands and speaks conversational and academic English well, near proficient in reading, writing and content area skills needed to meet grade level expectations, requires occasional support.

Level 6 – Formerly LEP/Now Fully English Proficient:
was formerly limited-English proficient and is now fully English proficient, reads, writes, speaks and comprehends English within academic classroom settings.

Level 7 – Fully English Proficient/Never Limited-English Proficient
was never classified as limited-English proficient and does not fit the definition of a limited-English proficient student outlined in either state or federal guidelines.