Library Media Documents


The goal of the School District of the Menomonie AreaLibrary Media Program is to empower students and staff members to be lifelong learners, informed decision-makers, responsible users of technology, creators of information, and enthusiastic readers.


  • Collaborate with staff to ensure effective use of library resources and technologies.
  • The school library program includes flexible and equitable access to physical and virtual collections of resources that support the school curriculum and meet the diverse needs of all learners.
  • Promote lifelong reading and learning both for pleasure and for information.
  • Provide instruction that addresses multiple literacies, including information literacy, media literacy, visual literacy, and technology literacy.
  • Model an inquiry-based approach to learning and the information-search process.
  • Participate in regular assessment of student learning via tests, project checklists, student surveys, teacher evaluation and administrative observation
  • Provide staff training
  • Model leadership and best practice for the school community.

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